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Well, all is good in my world now. I have a 40 hour work week in nursing and just started a new internship with a friend I have had since 2008 in Music Promotion. My job will be to promote bands I am assigned to on the radio. I am so happy to be taken under this person’s wing and hope to learn all I can about the music business. My payment: bragging rights on my resume’ and lots of work in my free-time.

I have not given one single thought of my ex though all this and so happy now to be 100% free and clear of him. Ok, the only thought I have is to make sure I show up for court as demanded to see that be put away for his crimes against me. I hope he is stopped and not able to hurt one more person..EVER.He does not realize, but I am working with the Prosecuting Attorney and have a couple of people who is going to testify on my behalf (aside from the hospital and police who were witnesses) Anyone who is with him is in for a real treat once the real him comes out and I feel sorry for them. I have blocked him 100% from my life and never looking back.

My oldest daughter is going to be married in June and I am so happy for her. She is 21 now and their baby is due the end of August. My son will be 18 in June and going off to the Marines in September. My middle daughter is 19 and doing well on her own, I am helping her move soon so she can be in a happier place near my family. I look forward to the trip. My daughter that I adopted out 15 years ago and I are close and speak almost every day. I can’t wait to meet her!

I have grown my hair to the middle of my back, changed my diet to vegetarian, working out 5 days a week, get my nails done, getting highlights in my hair, wear awesome clothes, and about to trade in my car for a sport car. I plan on posting pictures of my hair and everything here soon. My income has never been better. I am happy I can now send my kids a little help if they need it.

I am going on a few trips. One is to Daytona Beach, FL to see my family. Then off to Texas to see my oldest, then to Colorado to stay in the Stanley Steamer Hotel where Stephen King was inspired to write the shining, and then saving to take a trip to Dublin Ireland. All within this year.

I do not date at all. I find that men are either only out for sex or just too intimidated by a smart, business woman who knows what she wants. I have a lot of friends (male and female) and, if someone sparks a flame, I will change my mind. For now, I do not need a man AT ALL and will hold out for the right man for me even if I die alone.

My story is not done. I have so much in life I am still learning…even at the age of 37. I have much to learn and grow every day. I am blessed and hope you stay tuned for more good things to come. I hope to be an inspiration to anyone going through abuse or hard time. Take it from me…it will get better. Have faith, be picky in who you marry or date, make life your sponge, and live it to the fullest. Enjoy your kids, if you have them, because they grow up WAY too fast.

Peace be with you.